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Specialized Janitorial Services For Your Business

Every business owner and office manager understands that customer satisfaction depends largely on first impressions.

Janitorial Building Service offers superior building and office commercial cleaning services that are tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients.

General Scope of Work

• remove trash, replace liner, and spot clean receptacle
• clean both sides of glass doors and adjacent windows
• clean standing or hanging directory or signage
• spot clean partition glass
• dust mop / wet mop hard surface flooring
• polish / buff hard surface flooring
• clean telephones, sanitize headsets
• remove recycle trash per company schedule
• dust window shades/blinds
• vacuum upholstered furniture
• spot clean carpeting when needed
• clean and polish drinking fountains, coffee machine area
• vacuum carpeting and matts
• Sanitize light switches and door knobs
• dust and spot clean baseboards

Years of cleaning experience and a professional, dedicated staff ensure a beautiful, detailed cleaning.

About Commercial Cleaning Services

A clean environment and welcoming appearance is necessary to achieve success in any of professional industries. Clean lobby, conference rooms, bathrooms, and common areas significantly influence those who visit, from employees to customers, the desire to return to your place of business.

Business owners know that cleaning tasks are never ending. Cleaning is a continuous process. Daily, weekly and monthly tasks, as well as the occasional deep cleaning are what set the best restaurants from the rest.