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Specialized Janitorial Services For Your Restaurant

Every restaurant owner and manager understands that customer satisfaction depends largely on first impressions. A clean and welcoming appearance is necessary to achieve success in the restaurant industry. Clean dining rooms, kitchens, and common areas significantly influence a customers desire to return to a restaurant.

Janitorial Building Service offers superior restaurant cleaning services that are tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients.

General Scope of Work
• Cleaning and de-greasing exhaust fans, filters, and ducts
• Emptying grease traps
• Pressure washing kitchen floors, walls, and appliances
• Cleaning and sanitizing bathrooms
• Washing floor and kitchen mats
• Vacuuming and dusting waiting areas, windows, blinds, wall hangings and decorative features
• Mopping and waxing floors
• Cleaning the dumpster area
About Restaurant Cleaning Services

Restaurant owners know that cleaning tasks are never ending. Cleaning is a continuous process. Daily, weekly and monthly tasks, as well as the occasional deep cleaning are what set the best restaurants from the rest.